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 ■Multi-faceted support for energy-saving measures in enterprises
We promote development, manufacture and sales such as energy-saving products as well as new energy system including LED lighting equipment, solar power generation system, wind power generation system and fuel cell etc.
By utilizing accumulation of environment-related information for many years, we put more effort into research and development concerning energy-saving products.
LED lighting equipments that we have developed uniquely have been employed and praised in various fields as essential lighting systems for measures of saving electricity and energy-saving.
We strive to strengthen the system for development products in order to realize large effect with lower cost.

Moreover, we provide new energy system with more secure and reliable technology such as industrial solar power generation system utilizing idle land, wind power generation system, fuel cell etc. in collaborative framework with Meidensha Corporation.
Sales division of saving energy
  LED lighting equipment developed uniquely
  Solar power generation system (in collaboration framework with Meidensha Corporation)