International Information Center Co., Ltd.
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 Information processing
 International trade
 Energy-saving products
 Cosmetics sales
Corporate Name: International Information Center Co.、Ltd.
Representative Director: Yukiko Kusu
Address: Postal Code 270-0103
1-1218-6 Mihara, Nagareyama –city, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Capital: 10,000,000yen (Approx. 100,000 USD)
Establishment: February 1982
Accounting Period: End of March/year
Main Bank: Sakura bank (Kashiwa branch), Risona bank (Kashiwa branch), Chiba bank (Edogawadai branch)
1) Management consultant
2) Service of information processing and data base
3) Production of newspaper, magazine etc. and data base service thereof
4) Development, manufacture and sales of cosmetics and quasi drug etc.
5) Development, manufacture and sales of fluorescent lamp etc. utilizing light-emitting diode
6) Development, manufacture and sales of residential fuel cell etc.
7) Development, manufacture and sales of new energy system combined with wind power generation and solar power generation etc.
8) Development, manufacture and sales of energy saving product
9) Worker dispatch/temporary personnel service
10) Others
  We established International Information Center Co., Ltd. with the following main purpose in
February 1982 in the midst of the high economic growth period.
Since then, we had prompted appropriate advisory information service to enterprises, taking into consideration of environment surrounding Japanese economy and industry.

1. Enlightenment of thought for business managerial risk management
2. Management consultant service
3. Various data base service

Meanwhile, Product Liability Law (abbreviation: PL Law) that prescribes production responsibility
for enterprises was effected in 1995. We had issued monthly magazine [Monthly PL Report] and
had introduced the actual conditions not only in Japan but also in overseas countries for 11 years.
That magazine was a unique one in Japan.

However, small and medium-sized enterprises have faced with a problem for survivor of
enterprises before concentrating their attention on PL after economic bubble burst and the number
of request for consultation services of the overseas advance from customers has increased rapidly.

In response to this request, we had gone on new research service of the overseas advance focused
on individual country of ASEAN (Association of South-East Asian Nations) in coordination with
[NPO ASEAN Link Center] which was obtained permission from Japanese government in June
The law for NPO=Non-Profit Organization was enacted in March 1998.
The name of law : The promotion Non-Profit Organization

Therefore, we analyze various information we had ever obtained through past research activity
on the overseas market from a new point of view and challenge to develop the new business.
We continue to provide our past service to help export and import of products and advance into
overseas countries.
In addition, we attempt to create the new market and to expand the business chance as a new
business partner in further coordination with overseas enterprises