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 ■Aiming at the global market development, we support new coordination with overseas enterprises
Under the concrete theme, we develop a new plan steadily.
As our immediate goal, we accelerate to develop the import business of activated carbons..
We reconsider both markets of overseas countries with a focus on East Asia and Japan.
We try to find some idea of new business by analyzing information obtained through our past research activity.

Setting the specific theme, we search for a new business idea.
Currently here in Japan there has been a big demand for activated carbons, which requires us to deal with the import business urgently and strongly.

Specifically, in cooperation with [NPO ASEAN Link Center], searching for cooperation with manufacturers of activated carbons in ASEAN, we intend to develop the business of import and domestic sales thereof.

International trade division
  Industrial estate in ASEAN area that expands rapidly (Provision of photo by Thai Board Of Investment)