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 Information processing
 International trade
 Energy-saving products
 Cosmetics sales
 ■From information analysis in various fields to application of big data
By collection and analysis of information in various fields, we provide new ideas that create business chances.
The expansion of the internet has led to the situation where enormous data is in flood and we may not easily obtain reliable information in support. We have cultivated the know -how of collecting and gathering through the business of publishment and edition for many years.
We utilize said know-how to the maximum.
In addition, we collect, organize and analyze information in various fields. Consequently, we provide the effective application method.

Under the expansion of the global market, we put more effort into the intelligence network with the promising and giant market such as China, India, countries of ASEAN and African countries.
Consequently, we provide the new idea that leads to the new business in coordination with enterprises and talent in the individual country and also seizing the opportunity of new business inside and outside the country without delay.

Information processing division
  Creation of business chance by analyzing information in various fields from our point of view.